Your turn to pick our post!

Hello my lovelies,

Wow it’s been a fantastic six months of blogging with you! Everyone’s comments on Facebook, Twitter, at yoga classes and in passing have meant the world to Jessica & I. Much gratitude and love to everyone for sharing in this amazing journey to peace and health with us!

I’m really excited to share our next step in the evolution of this blog, it’s your turn to choose our topic. You, dear reader, get to vote for the topic you want us to address in our next post! Here are your choices:

  • Tight budget? Don't have enough moolah to take a yoga class?We’ve been there and can help this conundrum!
  • Need better sleep? We’ve got a fix to help!
  • Want a little upper arm strength to show off in sleeveless shirts this summer? You bet there’s a yoga pose for that!
  • Wicked allergies? There are easy yoga fixes that you can implement now to breath easier.

Here’s what to do:
Vote for your favorite topic by leaving a comment at the blog or onFacebook.

That’s it! Whichever topic has the most votes will be the subject of our next post on June 30!

Looking forward to see in you the comments!
Om Shanthi Om Peace to You,
Gita & Jessica 

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