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The Anxiety Cure

rosie wiggle hug

Love is the answer

Everyday should be hug your dog day! Even when they turn into a crazy love wiggle like Rosie!

 My mind is prone to anxiety—I remember when my first symptoms appeared in the fourth grade. I went to the nurse at band camp (nerd alert!) because I thought I had food poisoning, but she told me it was “all in my head” and sent me back to rehearsal.

But of course anxiety and emotions aren’t just in our heads; they activate our nervous system and effect hormone levels, breathing and heart rates, and impair digestion.

Many years of yoga and meditation have eased my symptoms, but every now and then anxiety shatters my sleep with nightmares, racing thought loops impair concentration, and my self confidence plummets. So I put my butt on the meditation cushion and chant, breathe, and concentrate. Then, the most important step: I hug my dogs! Rosie was so sweet-she’s very perceptive to human emotional behavior and wouldn’t stop wiggling and licking me until I laughed. I think she was sent to me to be my therapy dog and I’m so grateful to have my furry spiritual guide.

Love is always the best answer!

Crazy Stuff I Googled this Week...

Let’s talk fashion. I love fashion, texture, design, and accessories as an expression of self and beauty. The marriage of form and function is a way to celebrate all that is personally unique. But the one trend I’ve been scared to try is the jumpsuit. So, I headed to Google to sort things out. Here's my search history:

1. Eileen Fisher Jumpsuits-I’ve longed to wear a jumpsuit for ages but haven’t had the hutzpah to try and pull one off…but I do love this one from Eileen Fisher. Somehow I like the idea of being one of those women that just throws on a single piece with a great pair of shoes and minimalist makeup and heads out the door flawless. Far from reality I know but a girl can dream. I can’t really justify the $200.00 price tag either, so this search is a bit like house-porn searches; fun to do but you know you’ll never buy the oceanside mansion for 1.5 million. Check out the jumpsuit I’m eyeing here

2. How to style a jumpsuit so you don’t look like a housepainter. Needs no explanation, I don’t want to end up looking like a sack of potatoes. 

3. How to wear a jumpsuit if you’re flat chested. Apparently belts help define the waist and give the illusion of curves. One can always hope.

4. Women over forty and jumpsuits. Due diligence here. I mean, the last thing I want to do is age myself by dressing too young and looking like a darn fool. Apparently it’s still très chic to wear one well north of forty.

5. Eileen Fisher Jumpsuit reviews. Anyone my height and size like this thing? Answer is yes and yes. I started itching for my debit card.

6. The Sartorialist   The total ultimate in all things style, this blog was created by photographer Scott Schuman as a way to bring conversation around fashion and daily life. His photos have been published into beautiful anthology books and are also on display in permanent museum collections. There is a most fabulous woman on this page in a navy jumpsuit, belted of course. Fabulous heeled boots, grey suede clutch and, you guessed it, minimal makeup and hairstyling. Lès Sigh.


Ok peeps, I need your vote. Shall I plunk down the money and go for the jumpsuit? I promise to share pics-even if I do look like a sack of spuds. Let me know in the comments below! 

10 Minutes to Total Relaxation-Yoga for Musicians®

Feeling frazzled? Tired? Wondering how you’re going to have a great rehearsal or performance because you feel too depleted to even think about it?

Busy musicians have a lot of obligations and stress, and in the midst of balancing our lives we also want to be creative and enjoy our practices and performance. 

In this quick video I teach you how to learn to relax quickly and efficiently. The more relaxed you are, the more energy you’ll have, and the more you’ll enjoy your life. Relaxation is a skill that can be practiced and learned just like riding a bike. The more you do, the better you get!

Make sure to drop a note in the comments about any other videos you’d like to see to help you reach your highest level of artistic achievement and happiness!

Crazy stuff I googled this week...

The girls taking their first steps out of the hen house and into their run!

The girls taking their first steps out of the hen house and into their run!

The learning curve is pretty steep and rapid here at Three Dog Farm-figuring it out as I go! There's been a whole lotta googling going on! Check it out:

1. Google search: When to move baby chicks to the outside coop? (Answer: when they are “fully feathered”)

2. Google search: What the f#@* does a “fully feathered” chicken look like? 

3. Google search: Is it normal for young chickens to sleep in a pile? (Answer: yup.)

4. Google search: How can I monitor my chickens while they are in the coop? (Answer: led me down an message board worm-hole.)

5. Amazon almost-purchase: baby monitor (Decided against it. Felt too much like crazy-chicken lady. Girls, you’re on your own out there.)

6. Google search: How to predator proof a chicken run (searched after a fox killed a squirrel twenty yards from the chicken run)

7. Google search: Can foxes chew through chicken wire? (Answer-heck yeah, use something stronger)

8. Google search: What does a vinca vine look like? (Answer: exactly like the vine that’s a ground cover in their run)

9. Google search: Is Vinca vine poisonous to chickens? Like, how poisonous? If they eat a leaf should I panic or are they smart enough to not consume mass quantities of something that will kill them? (Answer-they are actually pretty smart but they since it’s in their run and it’s a hallucinogen you might want to hack it back a bit…otherwise I may have a bunch of chickens taking a psychedelic trip. Yikes!)

10. Google search: Raising ducks on a hobby farm (Uh-oh….😂🤪😂)