Grounded Goodies

Gita Brown, a passionate teacher, shares her musings on creative spiritual pursuit through yoga and music.

Ashram 101

My name is Gita, and I’m 41 year old teacher passionate about music and yoga. I live and work on the South Shore of Massachusetts, spending my days spent flitting along the briny coastline between Boston and Cape Cod teaching, creating, and admiring the ever changing vistas. This summer I’ve come back to my spiritual home, Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, Virginia for a three week program, "Advanced Teacher Training", in Integral Yoga.

Located in verdant and rural Buckingham County, the ashram is a spiritual community, an interfaith beacon, and a self-described “yoga village” where all different ages and diverse types of folks come to learn, have retreats, and practice yoga. Dotted with shrines, rolling hills and views of the James river winding mistily by the temples, this place is my home away from home. I come to buff and scrub my ego away, make heartfelt connections with master teachers and fellow students, and relax deeply in the peaceful vibe. To me it feels like equal parts camp, spiritual center, and rustic spa.

Strolling to breakfast on my first morning I noticed trees now standing 3 stories high which were barely over my head the first time I came to Yogaville. It got me thinking how I felt starting on the spiritual path.  I felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the task; I needed to unpack the negative patterns of my mind, untangle myself from an unhealthy marriage, work less and play more, and practice much more meditation and yoga. I was utterly overwhelmed, but somehow, just as the trees reached imperceptibly towards the light past their current limits I, too, grew bit by bit. These days I’m grounded in my practice, I fixed my relationship with myself, and I learned how to play again. 

If we can be as patient with our growth as we are with the trees, perhaps we’d feel less struggle and strife? Opportunities to practice patience abound at this training, where the meditations are long and the asana (poses) are rigorous. I promise to be patient, allowing my body and mind to continue to reach towards the light, growth coming through letting go.

Care to join me in a little patience? I promise to send you some ashram-love, either way.

Hearts Love,



A tree at the overlook-Yogaville Virginia. 

A tree at the overlook-Yogaville Virginia. 

My feetsies a few years back at LOTUS Temple at the ashram. 

My feetsies a few years back at LOTUS Temple at the ashram.