Quick Body & Soul Fixes-Week Two!

Ever feel like a hunchback? Do you cave over your smartphone? I've got a four-minute video you can use right now to find your most relaxed standing position ever! 

My four-minute favorite Quick Fix-Take Your Space!

From Gita:

Many of my students think that they must do an epic practice in order to reap the benefits of yoga, but I’ve got good news! Even a tiny bit of practice adds up. Every shift of your posture, every deep breath, every moment spent relaxing unneeded tension moves you closer to peace and health. I take little time-outs frequently, when I’m making copies at work, at stop lights, waiting for the tea water to boil, or when I notice my shoulders tensing while writing this post.

An easy way to begin adding a quick-fix is to set a timer, I use my smartphone, to ping you a few times during the day. When the timer goes off, take three deep breaths, then continue on with your day! Or, you can watch my quick fix video where I give you another example you can do while reading this email!

Each time you do one of these “micro-practices” , you are training your awareness to notice and enhance your health and peace. At first, it may seem a little artificial, but over time it feels so good it will become a lovely life-nourishing habit!

I've been doing mini-practices for years, but the awesome label "micro-practice" was first introduced to me by the awesome Brandt Passalacqua, founder of Breathing Deeply yoga and Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga. Read more about him here.

How one pose saves Jessica’s sanity!

Gita busts out Jessica's favorite pose-Down Dog!

Gita busts out Jessica's favorite pose-Down Dog!

From Jessica:
If a camera was on in my house on any given day, the moment all has gone to hell and things are piling up and everyone wants something NOW, you would see me "down dogging" it. It's my favorite yoga pose!

I can’t do it all, and when I feel like the demands placed on me are too much, I just fold, literally, in this position. It always makes me feel better, I’ve stopped and done something good for my body and my head seems to be a little clearer. Gita told me recently she wanted me to begin doing inversions because they will help offer me a different perspective of things. Hmm..since down dog offers a small inversion, maybe it is something instinctual that coaxes my body into this pose whenever I’m in need of a new perspective, since hiding never seems to work!There are millions of excuses not to go to yoga-this is not news, but if you can start by just trying one pose a day that makes you feel good, your body will crave more, and you will eventually work yourself up to a whole practice.  Some days I can do a whole practice, and I feel great. Then there are days I can really use a whole practice but for lack of time or motivation or personal space, I just find myself in that one favorite position-which ends up being pretty good, too.

From Gita

My friends, want to generate some health and peace right now? Join me in this short four minute practice you can enjoy right now! Relax, refresh and recharge!

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