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Waiting is Action


We adults have plenty of opportunities to practice waiting: waiting at traffic lights, waiting in store holiday lines, waiting for an email reply to that Very Important Question, waiting for our delayed plane.

All of these moments are opportunities to practice being present. They provide space and time to take a few deep breaths, a moment to notice the sky, smile at a fellow traveler, to notice the tension of the moment and accept all of it’s sensations.

The moment the archer pulls the bow back is necessary for the arrow's flight.
Waiting is the essential flip-side of doing.
Waiting is action.

What would be possible if instead of giving into the grinding frustration of waiting, we took the moment as a gift. What if we entertained the idea that waiting is an invitation from the universe to slow down, relax, breathe? 

Bumping into our frustration is the perfect foil for us to notice our rushing and disconnection. Just as the archer pulls his bow back and pauses before releasing the arrow's flight; we, too, must occasionally draw back, pause and breathe. In filling our waiting with a few deep breaths, we charge our next action with presence and grace.

Life is better with dogs!

Dogs-they add fun, exercise, love and joy to our lives. Meet Lucy the Wonder Dog, and my two Dobermans Ranger and Zoë as they romp and play!

Reset with one Breath

It's powerful to cultivate a life that has spiritual discipline built into it's daily rhythm. What’s our other choice? To keep railing against the inevitable suffering of life; to scatter more anger, hate and violent thoughts in the world?

Rather, we can choose to acknowledge our suffering, pain and anger; while simultaneously holding peace, love and joy. Holding this duality takes practice.

We can practice this skill with each breath; each breath is an opportunity to begin again, to practice being patient with our lives and ourselves.

If we take 3 intentional deep breaths per day
We gain 21 chances each week to begin again
1,096 chances every year to practice being patient with life, in all of its messy contradictions.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.


My Best Solution for Overwhelm

Do you have a hard time saying “no” to requests from family, friends or co-workers? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your to-do list? Are you overcommitted? I’m a multi-passionate person, and sometimes find myself stretched way too thin. I know things are getting out of whack when I wake up and just want to pull the covers over my head. That’s usually my cue that it’s time for some serious paring down of activities!

Lots of us interact with lots of different people, wear different hats, and have a decent amount of responsibility. Family commitments, work commitments, volunteer gigs; whatever your world looks like, it’s easy to find it too full. We’re too busy being tired and cranky to be of service.

One strategy I’ve been using to honor people’s requests, while simultaneously allowing myself time to process and consider committing is one magical phrase,

“I’d be happy to consider your request.”

Then, I usually give a time commitment for my pondering, something like, “I’ll let you know on Monday.” This strategy accomplishes three things:

  1. First-it takes away the pressure of feeling like we have to answer immediately.
  2. Second-it gives us the gift of time, during which we can consider the request.
  3. Third-it supports the other person through an immediate and positive response, and gives them a timeline for when they can expect your response. Win-win. 
I’d be happy to consider your request. I’ll think about it and let you know on Monday.” 
Try it, and see if it begins to clear a little breathing room! 

The Power of Intention

When we choose to move towards our dreams, the simple act of writing our intention down begins to lay the path for our growth.

Clarifying and writing your intention carries power. It is not just a hopeful fantasy, a woo-woo idea that your dream will magically manifest just because you wrote it down.

Rather, the act of connecting your heart to your written word tunes your awareness; you will be primed to notice small moments of possibility that can transform into grand opportunity.


The Only Workout that Matters

If you’ve ever worked out a gym, you’ve probably noticed folks on the treadmill. Sometimes you’ll see them watching tv while they walk, or reading a book.

What skill are these folks training? They are training inattention and mind-body disconnection.

What is the point to allowing your body to do one thing while your mind does another? How can you celebrate the miracle that is your physical body if you’re not paying attention? If the book or tv disappeared, maybe you’d notice hundreds of muscles working in concert, the miracle of joints that support you and propel forward motion, the way your lungs tirelessly provide oxygen, the thousand ways your body quietly supports your endeavors.

Perhaps the treadmill walk could become a celebration of being alive; a walking dance.Perhaps this is the only kind of exercise that matters: exercise that celebrates and amplifies the glorious wonder of being alive. 

Put down the book, turn off the tv, and meet me at the gym. Time to celebrate you!

Lessons in Patience

She's the pint-sized Doberman that never stops moving! Zoë! She's been working on waiting patiently for breakfast...we'll get there!

Along the way, she's helping me practice my patience, too!

Work less, accomplish more!

Hello my lovelies!

The Challenge
Managing your productivity can be super challenging in today's busy world.

The Challenge Decoded
When faced with an epic to-do list, massive work project, or unending house chores, many of us bear down, push through and work work work. Unfortunately, this level of effort is rarely sustainable for long periods; it leaves us cranky, tired, and less productive!

Your Takeaway
Check out my video for a quick 2 minute tip to boost your productivity. It's a trick I've used for the last twenty years, it really works!

Of course, there are some cute dogs in the video, too! 

Letting Go with Grace

The Challenge
Learning how to let go with grace. 

The Challenge Decoded
So much of our suffering comes from clinging onto that which no longer serves us. We know the drill, we've got a nasty habit that we want to change, but sometimes hanging onto it is preferable to the unknown. Or, we cling to people; we are so afraid to lose them that we begin to act all "crazy town banana pants" in an effort to keep them close! We usually end up making ourselves, and those we love, nuts in the process.

Your Takeaway
Practice letting go with small easy stuff; when we practice letting go every day, we are in training for those Big Moments when life wallops us.
The best way to practice is to take a deep breath and the video below for three minutes of nature inspired letting go. 

Watch the video for my best quick tip for letting gorgeous New England autumn views! xox