The Only Workout that Matters

If you’ve ever worked out a gym, you’ve probably noticed folks on the treadmill. Sometimes you’ll see them watching tv while they walk, or reading a book.

What skill are these folks training? They are training inattention and mind-body disconnection.

What is the point to allowing your body to do one thing while your mind does another? How can you celebrate the miracle that is your physical body if you’re not paying attention? If the book or tv disappeared, maybe you’d notice hundreds of muscles working in concert, the miracle of joints that support you and propel forward motion, the way your lungs tirelessly provide oxygen, the thousand ways your body quietly supports your endeavors.

Perhaps the treadmill walk could become a celebration of being alive; a walking dance.Perhaps this is the only kind of exercise that matters: exercise that celebrates and amplifies the glorious wonder of being alive. 

Put down the book, turn off the tv, and meet me at the gym. Time to celebrate you!

Gita Brown