A funny thing happened in the woods today...

Happy Monday!

Today I've got a little story for you...

Early this morning I walked my dogs in the piney woods. A cold and bleak rain splattered down through the tall trees as I trudged through the ankle deep leaves, my dogs finding as many puddles to splash through as possible. My mind was a morass of Monday morning frenzy; what to do about this, who to call about that, will that thing happen this week, how should I handle that, why did that thing happen. On and on my mind tangled itself into frazzled knots.

Lucy the Wonder Dog loves stopping in the woods!

Lucy the Wonder Dog loves stopping in the woods!

Annoyed at myself for falling prey to listening to my crazy mind, I called on my spirit guides for a little help. I’ve got a cadre of five specific guides I call on, been working with them for years, perhaps it’s just my imagination, but they are amazing archetypal guides who only have my best and highest growth in mind. I ask for guidance, and they give it.

So today when I said, “Hey, guides. I’m totally stuck here. Help.” A clear voice in my head showed up, the guide I call “Doc”. After a little dickering back and forth, I said to Doc “I don’t understand how you can help me. I’m totally tangled and confused and I don’t think you’re the right person for this job.” He told me that he could help me train my mind, that my mind was the only thing that mattered in this situation. “Fine,” I grumbled and sighed to the leaves as I huffed along, thank goodness no one was in the woods to hear this crazy lady arguing with no one! I said aloud “so what do you want me to do?” His firm tenor voice said, “Stop.” I stopped in my tracks, began to take a deep breath, and in my tiny moment of stopping a lovely white tailed deer crossed the path in front of me, delicately steeping over stones, her russet tones blending with the oak leaves, her tail a filagree of white that flicked it’s own happy greeting.

My breath caught, and a deep inhale took me beyond my petty selfish thoughts-I connected to beauty, nature and the steady rhythm of life. My tangled thoughts dropped as I continued to stand and watch the doe pick her way up the ridge, she merged with the oak trees and disappeared. All that was left was me, connected to my breath, and back in the present moment. Stopping was great advice, I’m glad I asked.

So what is this asking guides for help thing? Intuition? Imagination? Or “Call the looney-bin ‘cause Gita’s gone mad”? Nope, for me it’s straight up connection to the source of all life, the web of energy that connects everything, innervates all, and is available to everyone, whenever we take the time to listen. 

I asked, I listened, and I saw beauty. To me, that is the profound miracle of our experience, to have the opportunity to recognize and connect with the source of all that is. Yum.

Thanks for stopping with me for a moment.
Om Shanthi Om. Peace to You,

p.s. The work of Sonia Choquette influences my relationship with my guides, click here for more information.

Gita Brown